My name is Nahomi Ferrer, i am 17 years old. Things i can tell about me, is that i love dancing and i love my job. I work at Danzas Natali, it is a dance school where i teach the amazing dance of Flamenco, it is the tipical dance of Spain, i am also studying laws at URBE and i am in the second semester, i like my carreer very much, i want to be one of the best lawers in Venezuela.

miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011


Doctors are patients, really humanitarians, they love saving people, take care of them and they're hard working.

Designers are creatives, they have a lot of imagination and they're excellent artists. They can draw really good and make new things.

Lawyers are serious people, hard working, they love reading books, help people and do justice.

Engineers are intelligents, they build huge structures, study the soil, big areas and design plans.

Teachers are really good teaching, they love explaining things and they have a good relationship with students.

martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

describing my house

The bathroom

There is a toilet, next to the toilet there is the toilet paper, there is a sink between the laundry basket and the board,  there is a white carpet on the floor and there is a mirror above the sink.

The kitchen

There is a dishwasher on the worktop, there is a lamp on the ceiling and under the lamp there is a table between three chairs, there are some saucers and fruits on the table and there is a microwave behind the table.

The living room

There is a table in front of the big carpet, there is a chair in front of the table, there are stairs next to the table, there are flowers on the table and there is a big picture on the wall.

The bedroom

There is a double bed between two night tables and there are two lamps on each night table, there are two pictures on the wall and there are two chairs in front of the bed.